Title: Business Hotels In Bangkok, Thailand With Central Location

Better Business Hotels
When yearning for luxury after harrowing business meetings abroad, we should always refer to a general rule of thumb to find the most suitable hotel for the cause. My aim in this article is to try and pinpoint those main points-not only for the business stayer but for the arranger also, to help the weary business person and guests find a relax nest-haven where they can temporarily wind-down, away from the gruel of business.
Apart from the obvious facts of class and style not to mention the ominous matter of affordability, a large majority of business hotels should be located in the heart of the commercial business area of the city. They should offer a range of rooms from superior standard rooms to suite and deluxe rooms plus 100% reliable services. They should have access to all the city attractions, historical sites and convention centers. Staff service should be second to none. Let’s take a look at these plus some of the conditions I would definitely ask for�
1. Locality
The hotel location should ideally be in a convenient area at the heart of Bangkok’s business center, and also slightly set back �away from it all� to allow for a happy medium. Make sure access to and from the international and domestic airports is easy and available. Less than 90 minutes to airport access by car or by public transport is recommended. Easy access to all business points, but not forgetting the available access to tourist attractions. Business people also need tour-timeout, as it not only helps wind-down, but also helps innovation!
Tip: Make sure transport access is available and efficient.
2. Service
Apart from hotel service and staff efficiency-which go without saying, service should also include the amenities in the vicinity of the hotel and the kind of service offered from the surrounding shops, restaurants etc. Poor service from surrounding amenities would almost certainly reflect badly on you and your business associates.
Tip: Check your business hotel vicinity.

3. Function Rooms and communication
Hotel function rooms should be spacious, luxurious and air-tight private. Suitable for all kinds of business people and comfortable enough to hold all day conferences. The communications equipment available should include, high speed internet access-either wireless or wired to allow multi-port access. Over-head projectors, PC interface projectors, screens, white boards and flip-boards.
Tip: Check the tools available and make sure utmost privacy from other parts of the building can be secured.

4. Food
The food should allow for an international flavour-by taking into account nationalities and religions of your business guests-some of your guests may have special needs. Recommended cuisine for businesses is a combination of vegetarian Thai, Japanese or Chinese. All food should be authentic, ornate and able to impress.
Tip: Check the menus, check the rating.

5. Rooms
The business hotel should offer an extensive range of rooms that should be spacious, luxurious, and perfectly kempt at all times. Standard types to suite types fit for kings with high-tech communications, amenities, large-size beds, good views and everything any guest would need for a five star stay.
Tip: Check out the rooms.

Business Hotels with Suite Room
Atmosphere is also prerequisite for any good hotel. It should be slightly set back away from main drag as an idyllic retreat ideal for both relaxing and working. A good example of such a hotel in the center of the Bangkok, would be the Tai-Pan Hotel off the Asoke and Sukhumvit Roads. It has convenient access to all of Bangkok’s business areas, the tourist attractions and close to the Skytrain. The Tai-Pan hotel has an extensive range of 146 rooms and function rooms available. Catering to the needs of both business and traveller alike, it boasts authentic Thai and Japanese cuisine, sports an all-purpose gym and a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool.

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